3 (out of 4) Star Review

3 (out of 4) Star Review


“Singer-songwriter Rian Greene will release his new album, Drown the Miller, on June 4. As a songwriter of Americana/country music, Greene is supremely talented, placing as much value on the lyric as the melody. The compositions gain strength from their lean quality; they are solid foundations that any artist could build upon with their own unique interpretation.

The album’s lead single, “The Best I’ve Ever Had,” is a hummable soft rock number with roots in traditional country music. Singing it brings out Greene’s penchant for depth and subtlety. Drown The Miller is a straightforward songwriter’s offering full of poignant honesty… something that was once a hallmark of the kind of country music that Greene refreshingly reminds us of.

Drown The Miller is produced by Brian Harrison, and featuring Bryan Owings on drums, John Jackson on guitar, Phil Madeira on keyboards, Robby Turner on steel guitar, and Tom Littlefield singing harmony vocals.”

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